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Faxing is still used by many and it is not going anywhere and so to make it more convenient in terms of usage, mobile faxing has taken place of old traditional machine, where you physically need to scan documents but in case of online faxing app you just a smartphone and a faxing app.

Taking the same benefit of traditional ways of faxing by replacing the way of doing it and get the same advantage of old machine faxing. Let’s take a look how it can be done? There are some good apps for faxing from where you can fax from any application. They are

  • eFax
  • MetroFax
  • MyFax
  • iFax
  • Tiny fax

And many more. Among this four i would prefer iFax app which provides the best online faxing services anytime anywhere. The most famous application across the web is iFax app. Check out more on what iFax app benefits you with:-



Benefits of iFax app

  • Fax it without machine:- Big advantage of online web faxingis its compatibility and versatility. Now you can send fax and receive fax via email  using app online. No machines required, no maintenance worries and no refill cartridge required.
  • Anytime and Anywhere:- Now get your important and high priority document to get faxed it instantly via app and iFax app brings so much of convenience of faxing. Use your smartphone camera to capture the documents and you can scan it through iFax app and fax it anywhere, anytime.
  • Go Digital with your Customized Signature:- Customize your signature with your style and save it for every document you fax. Using the app features create your own style signature and let’s get added to every document.
  • Unlimited Faxing with Fax number:- Now it’s unlimited Inbound Faxing, simply get your own iFax number and receive all incoming faxes at your convenience. Simply buy your fax number, a dedicated local number and receive faxes in multiple cities anytime and anywhere.
  •  Secure way of faxing:- With high encryption methods used in apps which protects your data. Online fax is safest way to fax across the globe. With iFax app, keep your worries aside and you can share your personal information and use it back to back for faxing.

Moreover, it is reliable and easy to use with lot more features in it. iFax is said to be the most trusted platform for faxing. What to wait for get your device type app today. There are app available in Mobile Fax app for Android, Mobile fax for iOS, Mobile fax app for Windows. Download it, use it and share your feedback.


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