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iFax and iFax Pro are the worlds first, true iPhone fax applications.

iFax represents incredible value - a onetime fee for unlimited, free faxing from your iPhone or iPod Touch, powered by

iFax Pro is full of incredible features such as international faxing, document import, document scanning and optimization, digital signature integration and whole lot more.

We look forward to hearing your feedback and ideas for future updates. You can post your stuff here -

seems to take a very long time after handshake to send images, still waiting after 10 minutes connected with your# 8667251907 (my # 5105320900) -- finally after 11 minutes, the first image of an invoice is unreadable!! it looked OK on the iphone preview still waiting for page 3, a photo 15 minutes and counting from first handshake -- keep working on it, great idea!! any plans for confirmation of being sent successfully ?? -- pdf?? - ocr?-- work w/ zoomin ( new iphone zoom App)? Andy, voice 510-851-5000

By andy on 2009-07-26 19:32:37

Looks amazing!

By Administrator on 2009-06-24 21:31:14
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