Jewish Units


How many feet are in 4 Amos?
How many minutes are there in a Chelek?
What is the $US value of 20 Peruta?

â–º Length - eg amos, tefachim, miles, km and many more
â–º Area - eg tefach meruba, gris, cm2, ft2 and many more
â–º Volume - eg se\''ah, kav, revi\''is, beitzah, kezayis, and many more
â–º Time - Yovel, Shmittah, rega, chelek and many more
â–º Currency - kikar, maneh, peruta, USD, NIS, EUR and many more

A comprehensive glossary of terms used within the app is also included. You can search, browse the list or lookup any term from within the main app by tapping on the unit title.

â–º Halachic Authority - Choose between R\'' Chaim Na\''eh, the Chazon Ish or R\'' Moshe Feinstein for your preferred Rabbinic authority.

â–º Unit Convention - Metric, Imperial or Customary

â–º Currency List - create your own currency list with local or most commonly used currencies.


NOTE: This app should not be relied upon for actual Halachic decisions. A competent Rabbinic authority should always be consulted.


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