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jCal 1.7 Launches

Posted by Team Jewish Cal , 7 years ago in News, General Faxing News


Great news! We're pleased to announce that Apple just approved Jewish Cal, version 1.7 for iOS.

Aside from the usual bunch of bug fixes and enhancements, this update includes an exciting new feature that was suggested by a few of our users. Until now we had not distinuguished between the start of new day for Secular and Hebrew dates - both were calculated by local time of 12:00am. This however, is not accurate for the Hebrew date and can have practical ramifications for Jewish events. 

As of this update, Hebrew dates and Events are now calculated and displayed based on the local "Nightfall" time. This specific time changes dynamically every day of the year and varies based on your GPS location. Nightfall in Melbourne, for example, is currently relatively earlier than nightfall in Jerusalem.

This small but significant change means that all Jewish events will appear on the Today page based on the true Hebrew date. If you are in New York, for example, the new "Rosh Chodesh" event will now appear as soon as nightfall arrives, not merely the next day.

We hope you enjoy this and other new features. Please support our ongoing efforts by reporting bugs and suggestions to us directly and use the rating and commenting feature on iTunes for expressions of praise :)


The Jewish Cal Team


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