How Financial Firms Upgraded Old Faxing Machines to Mobile Faxing

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With increase in technology, it comes with benefits of every new thing we adapt and so its drawbacks also. Traditional old methods of faxing machines is now changed to internet faxing. It is the time to wipe out the outdated methods from our daily routine with mobile faxing app

Mobile fax or online fax services are much easier to use than physical fax machines. It is different from old type physical fax machines. Physical machines will break and require costly maintenance but virtual fax accounts have none of these issues. With internet faxing all the ordinary fax functions like sending and receiving files can be done and also can scan new fax documents.


Upgraded Old Faxing Machines to Mobile Faxing

iFax is the world’s most popular and well known platform for faxing through internet replacing the old traditional methods of faxing with mobile faxing. iFax app offers you with lots of good functionalities and benefits of virtual faxing.

With iFax app you can now have the benefits of mobile faxing services.

Benefits of iFax app

  • Get your mail and fax it, no need to print or scan the document.
  • Use your smartphone camera to capture the documents and scan through iFax app and fax it anytime.
  • It also works on your Desktop, laptop or macbook and is designed of MacOS and iPad.
  • Unlimited Inbound Faxing - get your own iFax number and get incoming faxes at your convenience.
  • Get alerts and notifications for your incoming fax arrival.
  • Most important is customise your fax document with theme templates, signatures, logo through wizard and get a formatted document ready in few minutes to fax anytime anywhere in the world.


If you want to just make it a try with it then use iFax. iFax is the world’s most popular and trusted fax platform. Try it now! and see the difference in your faxing work. There are app available in Android, iPhone, Windows. Check out the one that fits your phone OS. For best faxing services - Download mobile fax app and enjoy the benefits. For more information on

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