"iTalmud takes the crown." - Jerusalem Post

NEW! iTalmud for the iPad with HD graphics is now available!

● TOUCH - Use the power of touch to browse, pan and zoom through pages of the Talmud in both the original Tzuras Hadaf and in text view mode.

● AUDIO LECTURES - Daf Yomi lectures are integrated and free. You can listen to a English shiur/lecture on any daf and follow along inside with the text or image page view.

● ENGLISH TRANSLATION - Full translation with thousands of footnotes, references and insights.

● MULTI-VIEW AND SUPERIOR PRINT – The print is crisp and easy on the eye. High resolution pages to allow for zooming without losing page quality.

iTalmud uses the iPhone accelerometer to detect when the phone is moved to a horizontal position and adjusts the page layout accordingly.

● COMMENTARIES - Original page formatting includes all the classic commentaries.

● KEYWORD SEARCH - iTalmud features a text search for the entire Talmud. You can then view the page in either a text or image-based format.

● CONTENT DOWNLOAD MANGER - Due to the large size of the Talmud images and audio lectures, all pages are downloadable on demand and then stored locally your device. You can download by daf/page or by masechta. Please note that the update engine will work even if the phone goes into sleep mode. (Please also note that at this stage about 35% of images are still unavailable. We will attempt to ensure that new pages are available according to the “Daf Yomi” schedule.

● BOOKMARKS - Create bookmarks so that you can easily return to the page you were studying at a later time.

● “DAF YOMI” CALCULATOR – Integrated “Daf Yomi” calculator allows you to jump to the day’s “Daf” with a single touch.

● NAVIGATION – Browse by Seder (Order), Masechta (Tractate) and/or jump to any page (daf) in the entire Talmud in an instant. You can jump from one page to the next within a Masechta with the click of an arrow.


The most comprehensive and feature-packed Talmud program ever created. And now with English!

English translation is included for every Daf. Just tap once to see the translation. There are also thousands of hyperlinked English footnotes and insights to optimize your learning experience.

iTalmud includes integrated audio lectures on every daf in the entire Talmud. Keep the audio playing the background and follow along inside the Daf whilst you listen and learn.

Pinch to zoom, touch to turn the page. The most beautiful way to learn a Daf.

Over 1000 Daf Yomi shiurim/lectures all over the world, now at your fingertips with GPS directions.

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