iTalmud iPad Edition

"iTalmud takes the crown." - Jerusalem Post

"Perhaps the best Jewish iPhone app on the market" - The Jewish Week

✔ AUDIO LECTURES - Daf Yomi lectures are fully integrated and 100% free. Choose from a selection of popular speakers (maggidei shiur) in a variety of languages, styles & skill levels. You can listen to a shiur/lecture on any daf and follow along inside with the text or image page view, even when offline!

✔ ENGLISH TRANSLATION & SEARCH - A complete, searchable translation with thousands of footnotes, references and insights.

✔ COMMENTARIES - Original page formatting includes all the classic commentaries. The text view includes an option to view commentaries of both Rashi & Tosfos in a secondary window.

✔ ENGLISH & HEBREW KEYWORD SEARCH - iTalmud features a text search for the entire Talmud. You can then view the page in either a text or image-based format.

✔ CONTENT DOWNLOAD MANGER - Due to the large size of the Talmud images and audio lectures, all pages are downloadable on demand and then stored locally your device. You can download by daf/page or by masechta. Please note that the update engine will work even if the phone goes into sleep mode. (Please also note that at this stage about 3% of images are still unavailable. We will attempt to ensure that new pages are available according to the “Daf Yomi” schedule to the best of our ability).

✔ PRINT & SHARE - Print or email almost any content from the app. Ideal for Shabbos learning! (Printing requires an AirPrint compatible printer)

✔ BOOKMARKS - Create bookmarks so that you can easily return to the page you were studying at a later time.

✔ “DAF YOMI” CALCULATOR – Integrated “Daf Yomi” calculator allows you to jump to the day’s “Daf” with a single touch.

✔ NAVIGATION – Browse by Seder (Order), Masechta (Tractate), By Chapter and/or jump to any page (daf) in the entire Talmud in an instant. You can easily flip from one page to the next with a single touch.

✔ BIBLICAL REFERENCES - available as an "Extra" module through In-App Purchase. Tap on any verse/pasuk reference within the Hebrew Talmud text and view the full Tanach/Bible text with an English translation or the choice of the most popular classical commentaries such as Rashi, Ramban, and others.

✔ TALMUDIC DICTIONARY - available as an "Extra" module through In-App Purchase. Tap on any keyword to jump to the relevant page of the integrated, Jastrow-based dictionary.

✔ TALMUDIC UNIT CONVERTER - As featured in the Jewish Press!
How many feet are in 4 Amos?
How many minutes are there in a Chelek?
What is the $US value of 20 Peruta?

► Length - eg amos, tefachim, miles, km and many more
► Area - eg tefach meruba, gris, cm2, ft2 and many more
► Volume - eg se'ah, kav, revi'is, beitzah, kezayis, and many more
► Time - Yovel, Shmittah, rega, chelek and many more
► Currency - kikar, maneh, peruta, USD, NIS, EUR and many more

A comprehensive glossary of terms used within the app is also included. You can search, browse the list or lookup any term from within the main app by tapping on the unit title.

► Halachic Authority - Choose between R' Chaim Na'eh, the Chazon Ish or R' Moshe Feinstein for your preferred Rabbinic authority.
► Unit Convention - Metric, Imperial or Customary
► Currency List - create your own currency list with local or most commonly used currencies.

NOTE: Available as an "Extra" module through In-App Purchase.
This conversion module should not be relied upon for actual Halachic decisions. A competent Rabbinic authority should always be consulted.


The most beautiful way to learn the Talmud.

Customizable settings and full HD graphics.

Bookmark for later or set the app to load the page you are learning upon startup!

Search, browse or jump to todays Daf. We even built a custom hebrew iPad keyboard!

Stunning HD graphics designed especially for the iPad and geared to both portrait and landscape modes.

Enhance your iPad with iTalmud.

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